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The MCM Plank system is a roofing and cladding system which combines the benefits of a modern product of Membrane Coated Steel (alkorPlan) to give the prestigious appearance of traditional weathered lead and copper appearance.
This system, like all MCM products, is available off the shelf, or as made to measure packages for specific projects. Where detailed information is available, we have a full design team inhouse able to carry our specific project solutions.
The Membrane Coated Steel outer skin of our system is ideal for simple, cost effective detailing, as such we offer a full range of finishing trims, integral eaves, soffits, gutters, vents and fascia details. All detail work is easily sealed utilising standard hot air welding where necessary.
  • Can be curved down to a 6 metre Radius
  • Pre-fabricated window Pods available
  • Welded/Mitre are corners also available. 
  • Delivered to any site in the UK
  • Light weight and easy to install
  • Ideal for reverb projects
  • Estimated lifespan in excess of 35 years
  • 20 year guarentee
  • Fully compatible with the alkorPlan range of products


Useful downloads related to MCM Plank System:

Pdf Icon MCM Plank System Joint
Filename: mcm-st-31-plank-h-joint-detail.pdf

Pdf Icon MCM Plank System Base
Filename: mcm-st-32-plank-base-detail.pdf

Pdf Icon MCM Plank System Vertical Joint
Filename: mcm-st-33-plank-v-joint-detail.pdf

Pdf Icon MCM Plank System Horizontal Joint
Filename: mcm-st-40-r-plank-h-joint-detail.pdf

Pdf Icon MCM Plank System Coaping Detail
Filename: mcm-st-30-plank-coaping-detail.pdf

Pdf Icon MCM Plank Data Sheet
Filename: mcm-plank-data-sheet.pdf

A selection of case studies relating to MCM Plank System:

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